When I'm 65 | Full Episode

Explore how our financial and lifestyle choices today will affect our quality of life in retirement. Using case studies, engaging animations, and lively expert interviews, "When I'm 65" looks at how aspirations and financial planning for retirement have changed. Download video.

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Saving for College

Tax-advantaged tips for effectively saving for your child’s college education. Download video

3 Steps You Can Take Today to Fund Your Future Paycheck

It is never too early to start saving for retirement, in this video When I'm 65 lists the three important steps that if taken can make all the difference in your future financial well-being. Download video.

Build your future portfolio by choosing investments wisely

Understanding risk is essential when planning for your financial future, in this video "When I'm 65" discusses the importance of diversifying your portfolio, how your risk tolerance changes as you age, and how fund fees can affect your investment decisions. Download video.

 What to Do With Your Tax Refund

You can do a lot of things with your tax refund, but only a few things will help fund your financial future. Get the scoop from When I’m 65. Download video.